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The Three Valleys Escapade in a Day


No longer promoted since 2017 by Les 3 Vallées but we still keep it alive... The history and original route are here


An update for 2019/2020 (Legends chair replacing Roc de Fer, Cime Caron back in use & Montaulever drag removed)

2020 Lift List PDF format - download to your smart phone   |   The Hall of Fame 2016-2020

2016 Suggested Escapade Route - more here

2020 Lift List PDF  |  First 2019 Attempts  |  The Hall of Fame 2016-2020
2018 Information  |  2017 Lift List PDF
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The 3 Valleys Escapade

This is the lift company promotion of visiting (originally in 2006) 14 points across the Three Valleys and gaining a certificate & badge over the period of your holiday - doing it in a day is a bit tricky though! You can get your free certificate and buy a badge from the main lift pass office at La Croisette in Courchevel 1850 and in the major lift pass offices in the other valleys too we guess.
It all started out as a late night "is it possible?" discussion - the history and our original route are here
Originally punch cards had to be stamped at each check point until electronic passes arrived and then the use of a lift was recorded - the lifts are show on the piste maps and on-line (but not necessarily on all the Apps).
Note that the Escapade is no longer officially promoted by Les 3 Vallees from Winter 2017 but we'll still record tracks for anyone who is interested in being in the Hall of Fame!
The original Escapade took 30 lifts, 13000m vertical with 70km length and by 2016 reached 34 lifts, 17000m vertical (twice the height of Everest) and around 100km.
For an easier 3 Valleys Day Challenge we started the Selfies in a Day challenge but the machines got removed for the ones on lifts (the original zoom out selfie pics were spectacular too).


Changes through the years

2006 - First year and cards with hole punches stationed at lifties huts are used.
2008 - Electronic lift analysis is now used - no use hiking out the 4th Valley now!
2010 - The piste map did not include the top of the 4th Valley and the Col lift in Val Thorens.
2011 - The X-Wing Discovery was launched but only had 10 check points and doesn't count!
2012 - Peclet included and Biollay / Vizelle used for Saulire access.
2015 - Foret used instead of La Tania gondola.
2016 - Mont Vallon is included for the first time plus the Montaulever drag lift.
2017 - Chapelets replaced by Petite Boss drag and La Tania’s Bouc Blanc chair replaces Tovets.
2018 - The new Roc de Tougne chair replaces the drag lift of the same name.
2019 - Legends replaces Roc de Fer and the Montaulever drag in Les Menuires has been removed.
2020 - Cime Caron now back in use. 2020 Lift List PDF from La Tania


Come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough...


PS. You do this entirely at your own risk, act responsibly, take full ownership for your own actions and all of those with you, respect other people (& the mountain), ski & ride within your limits, always obey the skiers & snowboarders code, observe all signs, pay attention to all notices, advice & instructions from Pisteurs, only ski off piste if fully equipped & knowledgeable, it's not a race (you won't be insured), think about the safety of others as well as yourself but above all, take care, don't wreck things for others & don't even think of blaming anyone else if it all goes horribly wrong.....


The usually chosen (original) 2006 Escapade in a Day route, pistes and lifts here. The full size map here


The Day Escapaders Hall of Fame


The Old School Originals - Nick, Sandy, Toffa, Dave, Brian, Toby, Jack and Chuck. Route, map and pics



The Ski Lodge Boys - Aaron, Nathan, Dave, Nick and Lol. Satellite GPS route and pics



The Spaniards - Chema, Ramón, Julia, Carlos and Miguel. Check point pics and time stamps



The Docs - Ian, Alex and Rob post a very respectable time. More here including GPS map



The Hikers - 6 Hours 23 Minutes, Nick, Ferg, Joey, Jenna and Mick. More here



The Yachties - Rob, Sally, Simon, Millie and Lauren. More here



The SkiPowers - James and Hamish. More here



The Sisters - Will, Aaron and Rich, new record of 5 Hours and 43 Minutes. More here


The SkiBeaters - Tim and Jen, pics requested.


Peter and Keith - not the oldest, not the quickest - but they did it! Now where's that pic?


The Spaniards Team - setting the standard for 2009 in January. Their Pics Here


Brian & Jean from La Tania's Bed & Breakfast on 16 March with a time of 7 hours 18 minutes - not bad for a couple in their 60s, with Brian having a dodgy back and arthritic knees (their words!)


The Belgiums - Bob & Ingrid & Tom 14 March 2009


Toby and Peter Buckle - Toby age 10 pictured above with his certificate 6 April 2009


Andy and Tracy Barnes - Starting from La Tania at 9.08 returning at 16.44. 7 hours 36 mins on 7th Jan 2010

(The first with the 2010 Escapade Route)



New Escapade from 2012 - 18 Check Points / 35 Lifts

The New Escapade from 2012 - Route Details and further information

35 lifts, over 51,000 feet (15,500m) of vertical and 57 miles (92km). No stops, No lunch, No beers...

Full Size Map


The first one we know of to do it back in February 2012 - La Tania local Adrian Chaffey - more here



Colin and Martin - guests of Nick Ski with their certificates in January 2013


Jon Gray's Team - guests of The Free Ride Republic also successful in January 2013


Reuben & Duncan who started at the Doron lift in Les Menuires, finishing at top of La Masse 2 on 16 Feb 2013

This was their 3rd attempt - well done lads!


Team Tingle (a father and son team) completed the Three Valleys Escapade in a Day on 27 March 2013.


Sam and Adrian's time was 7hrs 42mins, Route: La Tania, Golf, Dent de Burgin, Olympic, St Martin 1, Roc de Tougne, Masse 2, (off piste to) Plan de L'eau, Bouchet, Moraine, Col, Peclet, Montaulever, Becca, Mures Rouges, Vizelle, Chapelets, Biollay, and finally, Tovets.




Old Gits Team 27 March 2013


Steve Slater, Mark Hambling, Mark Davey


(awaiting Photo)



Mark & Steve did it last season in 7hrs 44mins with a 35 minute breakdown on La Masse so did not feel it was  an official 7hrs 9mins.


This time Mark Davey of Silverski joined them and with an average age of 57 they felt pleased with 7hrs 26mins roughly 5 mins short of the time set by Adrian. They still believe that it can be done in under 7hrs, skiing sensibly using the right route and getting lucky with lift stoppages,queues and  groomed pistes. They'll be looking to improve and experiment with different routes next season.


35 lifts 15460 metres uplift...Max speed 67.4mph...average moving speed 15mph (includes lifts). Lift office printout obtained at a cost of 3 euros!!!! They say they cannot just print one day...they have to print off all info recorded on the lift pass !


La Tania................9-00* Dou des Lanches......9-09 Biollay...................9-18* Vizelle...................9-27*


Dent de Burgin........9-42* Golf................9-54* (Rope Tow).... Roc de Fer............10-06 Olympic.........10-17*


St Martin 1.............10-31* St Martin 2.........10-41 Roc de Tougne.......10-53* Granges..............11-04

Becca...................11-19* Montaulever...........11-30*


Peclet...........11-47* Moraine.........12-03* Col...................12-13* Portette...........12-27 Grand Fond........12-38 Peyron........12-54 Bouchet..........13-09* Rosael.........13-25 Plan de L'eau..........13-49*


Masse 1...........14-07 Masse 2........14-17* Doron................14-35 Mont de Chambre....14-43


Mures Rouge..........,15-00* Plan Des Mains........15-07 Pas de Lac...............15-17


Roc Mugnier..............15-34 Chapelet............15-42* Gravelles..................15-54 Tovets...............16-09* Plantrey...............16-15 La Tania..........16-26




Toby Buckle


(now aged just 14) completed the old Escapade in a day on 6 April 2009 (one of the youngest to do so) and has just completed the latest version on 4 April 2013. 
Toby (and his Dad - Peter) caught the first La Tania bubble and were back in the apartment at about 4.45 pm having been to the La Tania ski ticket office to collect their certificates.
If he does it again in another four years time he'll be having a pint in the Ski Lodge to celebrate!






2014 Escapade Hall of Fame




Kieron (skier), Lisa (snowboarder) and Gerard (skier). Did the suggested route on 8 Jan 2014 but added in the Cherferie lift as Verdet was closed. Aside from that they had great conditions for it and had a great time! Just made it to the last lift home (Plantrey) with seconds to spare at 4:35. Congratulations and Welcome to the Escapade in a Day Hall of Fame!


Congratulation to Aggy, Mark and Richard who did the Escapade in a Day in aid of The University Hospital of North Staffordshire Major Trauma Centre AND The Teenage Cancer Trust in memory of their friend Neil on 7 Jan 2014.


"90km and 32 lifts in 8 hours done! All back safe and sound!! What a fantastic day skiing. Neil sent us a glorious day but admittedly we didn't manage to get further than he did in March. There were a couple of piste closures requiring detours and a couple of map reading failures. We will ski the last 5 lifts tomorrow with the kids as a mini Courchevel escapade to collect our certificate."


Their page for donations and more information is here.

Follow their inspirational efforts on facebook at:



Mark and Steve - The Old School showing it how to be done and new route too!

6 Hours and 53 Minutes - it's not a race...


Ed Muffett 4 April 2014 - 9:01 Start, Tovets at 3:22


"It was a very lonely day, I did it by myself with no loo breaks and eating on lifts! As I had some time left over at the end I hopped on Dou Des Lanches 3 times just to bump up the distance to 100k!". Maximum Speed: 65.6 mph, Distance: 63.3 miles, Vertical: 54723 ft, Slope: 57°, Duration: 07:18:11.



Chris & Tracey, Glencoe Escapees

Completed on 19th March 2014, leaving La Tania at 09:01 in the first gondola, all going well until I navigated to the Portette chair (which we had to do twice!!) instead of Moraine.


Stopped for the photo at the top of Bouchet at 13:37, then arrived back at the top of Plantrey for 16.54. Great weather and use of the singles queues at the busy points got us round.


Total of 96.41 miles travelled which equated to about 60 miles skiing.


2016 Hall of Fame

Special mention to Tim Kirk for the first 2016 attempt on 23 January More here...

Unlucky for Steve, Mark, Willie and Stuart on 10 March - a Mt Vallon mechanical failure! More here...

Congrats to Adrian Chaffey who completed it (again) on 14 March More here...

Chris & Tracey on Telemarks successfully completed on 17 March More here...

Special mention to Toffa & Charlie with an epic fail (nearly stranded in St Martin due to high winds!)

Ruth from Silver Ski completed in 7:07 on 19 March More here...

Paul & Jane successful on 21 March More here...

Snowboarders John, David, Andrew and Darren success on 22 March More here...


2017 Hall of Fame

Dr Andrew Brown 28 Jan 2017 (just about but a few lifts not running) More here...

Charles and David 10 Feb 2017 More here...

Nicola Cheshire and Will Reed 11 Feb 2017 More here...

George Sanderson had a go (no powder, he must have been bored) on 25 Feb More here...

Tim Kirk 10 March 2017 More here...

Adam Wade 17 March 2017 More here...

Jane & Claire 21 March 2017 More here...

Anna & Ruth 29 March 2017 More here...


2018 Hall of Fame

Adam Price 29 Dec 2017 - Honourable mention for a December attempt - better luck next time...

Mike & Scott 14 Jan 2018 (an update on 2018 Escapade here too) More here...

Stephen Chivers, Dr Sam & Dr Ben 30 Jan 2018 - not quite but SC has put the effort in More here...

Ski Higher Crew Mar 2018 valiant attempts but queues, lift breakdown & navigation failures so far...

The Pearson Family 26 Mar 2018 - Adam, Sam, Charlie, Henry & Alexander More here...

Sam Birch (and Chalet companions) March 2018 from Mottaret More here...


2019 Hall of Fame

Dougie, Ross & Henry 22 Jan 2019 - one success and two failures! More here...

Timo, Erwin & Tom 21 March 2019 - starting from Méribel village. More here...

Roman 21 March 2019 - with Signal and Aguille du Fruit twice More here...

Oliver 01 April 2019 - plus another couple of runs to clock up 100km More here...

Nat, Maxim & Pat 29 March 2019 - Plan de l'eau caught them out but they cracked it! More here...


2020 Hall of Fame

Chris, Katie & Matt 31 Dec 2019 - last one of the decade & first one of the season More here...

Leon, Klemen and Maxi: Les Cremes de Marrons 04 Jan 2020 - From Val Thorens More here...

Pascal 05 Jan 2020 - This one from Orelle. Col was closed so some added lifts in place More here...

Tamás Ocsovai 08 Jan 2020 - Tamás from Hungary started/finished from Val Thorens More here...

Andy & Kyle 11 Jan 2020 - La Tania veteran Andy along with Kyle redo the La Tania route. More here...

Phil, Bradley, Jordan & Brooke 15 Jan 2020 - A great family day out. More here...

Oliver, Martin & Zoe 16 Jan 2020 - Oliver's second time for the challenge. More here...

Mr & Mrs Slippery + Neil 18 Jan 2020 - More old people with the help of youngsters. More here...

Simon and Bethan 21 Jan 2020 - La Tania regulars finally get their finger out. More here...

Al, Pete and Jack 27 Jan 2020 - At the third time of trying finally succeed. More here...

The Waterfield Family 22 Feb 2020 - Ian, Anna, Beth & Jenny (under 10!) make it in Feb! More here...

Jan, Paul & Matthew 08 Mar 2020 - Turned out to be last attempt of the season, well done! More here...


2020 Honorable Failures...

Chris, Greg, Tim, Rob, Tom & John 14 Jan 2020 - Missed the Col. Chris back in March to try again...
Jonathan 29 Jan 2020 - from Morel, a 3V lift bottleneck, a busy Wednesday and a wrong turn...


Difference for 2020 is the Cime Caron is back in use


Differences for 2019 are the new Legends chair replacing Roc de Fer and the Montaulever drag has been removed.


Difference for 2018 is the new Roc de Tougne chair replacing the drag of the same name.


Differences for 2017 are the Chapelets chair at the far side of 1650 is being replaced by the short (but useful) Petite Boss drag and La Tania’s Bouc Blanc chair replacing Tovets in 1550.


Updated 2020 Lift List PDF with the 19 "Escapade Lifts" in bold
First 2019 Attempts
2018 Information
2017 Lift List PDF
2016 with Mt Vallon & Foret
2014 Version Details
2012 Version Details




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